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Pen Sketches by AshMewtwo Pen Sketches :iconashmewtwo:AshMewtwo 6 8 Evil lives here... by Murderdoll17 Evil lives here... :iconmurderdoll17:Murderdoll17 14 0
This shall be my new account,
I have another one. But for some personal reasons,
I really hate the username of that now, and since we can't change it.. xD
Tadaah :p I shall upload my crap to here asap. :)
:iconevolove87:Evolove87 1 0
its 3am and im at insomnias house! WEEEE!!! i dunno what im doing, but i cant feel anything... like not..feel-feel..but i cant feel any emotions and stuff.. which is why i dont feel a thing after this guy i really like told me he likes someone else. lol this is gonna sound really funny tomorrow.
i gotta stay on something. for like..ever. heh. :pills:
:iconevolove:evolove 2 0
i'm giving Lockerz invitations *^*! just send me u'r e.mail and i'll give u one :)
estoy regalando invitaciones a Lockerz *^*! solo enviame tu mail y te daré una :)
me faltan 12 personas aun :(, quien me ayuda? tengo que llegar a 20 invitaciones aceptadas ._.
:iconevol-of-love:Evol-of-lovE 2 0
steryl by evol-truh steryl :iconevol-truh:evol-truh 3 2
Well this sucks.. My story is going no where. I haven't even started. I want to get it done. but that is kind of hard when my thoughts look like a rubber band ball. When I said i was going to do this story my brain decided it was going to write not 1, or 2, but THREE!!! things at once. So every night when I sit down at the computer to write my brain just runs and runs. but nothing gets done. and it is causing major head aches. I don't know how to get around this block. but I think it needs to be broken soon. Any ideas?
:iconecnadevol:EcnadEvol 2 0
I'm here.
Yeah. Just joined this site and I'm going to post some awesome pictures here for sure :D
:iconevol-intent:evol-intent 2 1
i hate my life.
I hate my life. I hate my cousin John and his stupid friend Mark. OFFICIALLY!!!!
Yet me start from the beginning. I was sat in my room. Just chilling with Gabby when my bisexual cousin Vald came up and asked if he'd left his umbrella up here.( it isn't raining but he still want's it.long story.) So I help him search for the damn thing coz I saw it up here last night. When his lovely and rather good-looking gay German boyfriend comes up.  Can't remember why? And Vald  being Vald  forget's about his missing umbrella and starts flirting with the lad. Which as per usually leads to them kissing. So I'm like okay random gay porn happening randomly again. Nothing to unusual. Then John's dickhead of a best-friend start's shouting "faggots!" up at them. WHICH IS A BAD IDEA!!!Since Vald get's very angry very quickly. And has a bad habit of trying to stab someone than himself when his angry. And un-luckily I happen to leave a swiss army knife on my desk. Lucky his bo
:iconforever-evol:Forever-Evol 2 0
    One crisp, beautiful fall morning a woman in her mid-twenties wakes up in a log cabin. The cabin is surrounded by a beautiful, colorful, flower filled meadow. At the edge of the meadow is a very dense forested area. She looks out her bedroom window towards the forest. All the memories of dates, pictures, kisses, and hugs flood her mind. Behind her on the dresser there is a picture taken in the forest she stares into now. In the picture it is her. A man’s arms are tightly wrapped around her waist wrapping her up safe and warm. His lips planted on her cheek, a much loved smile on both of their faces. Next to her picture sets a wedding invitation. Saturday October 15th 2015, it reads; Airwolf and Rogue Moonblade, the tying of two hearts, two families, into one love.
    She turns away from the window. Today is a very big day for her. She walks towards her closet door. Hanging there is a beautiful, pixie cut, white dress. On the dress are amazing teal roses, w
:iconecnadevol:EcnadEvol 2 0
Friennnnd by Evol-of-lovE Friennnnd :iconevol-of-love:Evol-of-lovE 2 0
You'll Never Know
I didn't know if you loved me.
I didn't know if you cared.
I thought I was a toy; You'd use me one day, then throw me away.
I never said I loved you.
I never said I cared.
You acted way to perfect I got a little scared.
I didn't want to say how I felt.
I didn't want to say
You were so right for me
I thought we were meant to be.
We were such great friends
but went to separate ends.
I didn't realize how I felt.
I didn't know how much
You were always there,
You listened,
you cared,
you were my best friend
I didn't think I'd miss you this much.
I didn't know
I wasn't sure you cared for me.
Didn't know if you though of me
We saw each other grow up,
but we went our separate ways.
You were older but treated me the same.
We made mistakes
but laughed 'em off.
We had our fights
and problems too.
Now you're gone
and Now I realized
I loved you too much
for anyone to know.
I've loved you forever and always wi
:iconecnadevol:EcnadEvol 2 4
Tallinn Bay by UoyEvol Tallinn Bay :iconuoyevol:UoyEvol 2 0
Devious Journal Entry
Don't know what to feel
Emotions running deep
No need to hide the tears
Lost in this pain.
:iconecnadevol:EcnadEvol 1 0
Does anyone know where to order a muse? Or inspiration? Anything?
Does anyone know why I'm feeling this fucking shitty?
Does anyone know why I have such great friends?
Does anyone know why I'm writing this?
Does anyone know why I've not made anything constructive in years?
Does anyone know why I want someone to hug?
Does anyone know why I don't sleep?
Does anyone know why I miss people?
...does anyone know whatever the fuck this is?
:iconandimevol:AndimEvol 2 0
Why do I take the lies? Why do I accept the hurt? I can't stand being lied to but it happens over and over by the one person who should NEVER lie to me. I have never once lied to him. Why do I get this in return? Why do I live with this? I cry all the time. and he never knows. When he does know he tells me that I'm too emotional. He has hurt me in the worst ways anyone can get hurt. Why am I still here? I really don't know that answer.. I wish I knew but is it because I love him? Is it because I want him to care? Is it because I just don't want to be alone? All this pain and it won't go away. Tears are falling. Does he care that he hurts me? Does he care that when he lies I find out and I keep it bottled up because I don't want to fight? Does he care that i feel so alone even though he is right there? I hear the same things over and over "it won't happen again" Should I trust that. My heart and body says to trust but the back of my mind is screaming at me DON'T FORGET THE PAST. Do I pu
:iconecnadevol:EcnadEvol 1 0


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